I don't tend to update this section hardly ever. I'm updating it now as part of my new layout, but I probably won't touch it again for years (last time I touched it before this was when I was 20 evidently and I'm 24 now...) so just keep that in mind in relation to some of the questions and general information about me.



Riho88riho ; Riho ; Lady Riho; Akita ; Kaiy ; Kk
December 5th
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Name: Brandi
Nicknames: Riho; Kaiy; KK; Akita;
Age: 24
Hair Color: dirty blonde (brown now probably)
Eye Color: gray, blue, green, it changes
Height: 5"4/5"5
Weight: Ranges 140-160lbs


Scars: Yea, on me chin, forhead, knee, left shin
Freckles: none
Do you wear makeup: I usually wear none unless I'm going out. Then I'd wear only slight eyeliner and masc. if I'm not too lazy, which I am most of the time
What color is your bedroom: Yellow-orange walls, kind of like the sunsetting orange/yellow... room used to be my sister's >.>;;
Most expensive item you own: *shrug* most likely my computer
How would you classify your style: tanktops and shorts when casual but since I work - usually business casual
Fear: No computer; No internet; Fail a class, test, or college; Root Beer gets sick/hurt, family health/problems, etc.
Loves: COMPUTER and Anime and Manga xD If we're talkin' about individuals...my boyfriend would be a good start after the obvious parents, sister, Amber, and family. <3
Worst Habit: Procrastination (spelling?)
How do others see you: Ask them.
What are you labeled: ask someone who 'labled' me. Everyone has their own opinion o.o
How many contacts do you have: Dunno dun care, I rarely use messangers now.
What song are you listening to right now: does it matter? it changes by the time people read this but if you MUST know, its the Voodoo man song from The Princess and the Frog.


Are your parents together: yes
Pets: Socks (deceased), RootBeer (current cat), Mom's cat Callie
Siblings: Ashley and Amber, sisters
Siblings' ages: Ash 28, Amber 24
Parents' Ages: mom: looks like in her late 40s and same with dad
Parents' Jobs: mom: something about school transportation; dad: one of the presidents of a company
House Color: white brick
Number of floors your house has: two and a basement
Least favorite thing about your house: um...running out of room for my bookshelves?


More acquaintances than friends: huh?
Do you like all your friends: Of course...
Worst thing a friend has done to you: Secretly hated me, stole my boyfriend at the time, talked shit about me behind my back, lied to my face about it all, while my bestfriend kept my other bestfriend's feelings from me too.
Worst thing you've done to a friend: back when I was like 13 I stole Ely's bf
Loudest Friend: HAHAHAHAHA! Must I say? Easily Amber
Shyest: Danielle T.!
Smartest: That depends...in science it's Ely, Math it's me, everything else I dunno...
Craziest: HAHAHAHA! Hana.
Always makes you smile: Amber
Someone you wish you were better friends with: -
An acquaintance you wish was a friend: My coworkers?


Done drugs: no
Got drunk: no, although a few years ago that was my friend's newyear revolution thingie
Smoke: no
Stayed up all night partying: no
Stayed up all night alone: duh yes
Hooked up with someone you didn't know: yes...and no...
Hooked up with a friend's guy/girl: yes
Broken the law: hm...yes
Stolen: yes when I was younger, hasn't everyone?
Skinny-dipped: hmm...no
Stalked someone: hm....yea (not really, inside joke with a friend)


Color: baby blue (or sky blue... just not the typcial normal blue)
Music Genre: All but rap (and even that I can find a few songs I like)
Movie Genre: All but horror
Band: If I had to pick: Super Junior (Korean band I believe)
Animal: Snake
Sport: Gymnastics
Song: Changes and too many favs
Quote: hmmmm I forgot at the moment
Book: Lady of the Glen
Movie: Pride and Prejudice ; Dream Girls; Joseph the King of Dreams; The Princess and the Frog
Composer: uhhuh...
Language: Japanesse
Person: Momma
Clothing: comfortable

Beliefs and Views

God: yea
Attend Church: no
Spiritual: kinda
Aliens: yea
Ghosts: yea
Love at first sight: T-O-T-A-L-L-Y
Wishes: was rich
Abortion: yes
Politics: Complicated
Death: yea
Sex before marriage: yes and no
Legalizing Marijuana: nuuuuu
Eating Disorders: no
The Media: hate
Gay Marriages: dun care, just nothing I want to see
War: no
Meat: yea
'Angry music': uhhuh....O.o

Why Riho?

I'm sure alot of ya are wonderin' a few things after you might have noticed how I tend to go by Riho and sign and have account names with Riho in it. Like:
Why I do I go by Riho?
  • Simple, really. I used to go to RP, RolePlaying, sites and there Id RP, RolePlay, as a girl named Riho. And on games I go to, I name myself Riho. I mean, look at my email. It's Riho too. ^-^
  • Why do I use the name Riho?
  • Because I was watching an anime called NightWalker and the main girl character was named Riho. She was pure and innocent and in love with a vampire who helped humans. O.o I'd rather not have to make a summary on it. So simply put, I liked the character Riho from the anime NightWalker.
  • What is a 'Riho'?
  • Read the one before this and it explains it better. Simply put: Riho is my online name.

  • Contact Me

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    Feel free to contact me at any time for anything [almost]. I will treat you the way you treat me...so if you start being rude, I'll be rude right back [or just block/ignore ya]. So please be polite and patient when trying to get in touch with me. I'll try to respond to anyone/everyone if I can. Thanks~

    Email & Hotmail: riho88riho@hotmail.com
    AIM: DemonicSelphie
    Cell: Not Givin' Out, Sorry ^-^