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For now, both site listings are on this page. Maybe when I get around to fixing/updating this page/idea later, I'll make a page just for each.

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For a warning, you download what you want at your own risk. For the most part, I've used these sites at least once or looked at them a few times. In a way these are the sites I'd recommend using first before going to more... "sketchy" sites for your anime. Torrent section is for torrenting downloading using things like BitTorrent or BitComet, etc. The direct download is for download file by file, episode by episode. For those, I have a few notes added for things I've noticed or observed that I think you might want to know before jumping into the sites with undying loyalty.
If there are any sites you'd like me to add, highly suggest, please let me know. You can check under the Riho88riho on how to contact me. <3


Good use for almost anything looking to download.

Only nonillegal anime. They have a license list for anime.


Torrent Reactor



Anime Senshi
Note: Must copy+paste links from a list.


Boontan Direct Download
Note: Free Membership Required

Note: There seem to be quite a few broken links, so don't completely rely on this site. However, it does have a LARGE list so there's a higher change of finding the series you're looking for.

Note: NOT a bad site, despite the odd name. Database is clean and organized.

Has mature anime also.

Download Anime Videos
Note: Membership Fee required.

Watch Online

Uses Veoh for videos.

Anime Freak TV
MegaUpload used mostly, but not always.

Anime Season
Multiple players to choose from.

Deals mostly with newer anime, thus limited animes to choose from. Asks for a membership to view newest videos "before others".

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Below is a list of sites you can download or read online manga at. I've cut back the info to just the site, a link, and membership. All of them care free, or should be. If not, you'll find out pretty fast if you have to pay or not haha. The links have been split into the sites where you DOWNLOAD the manga to your computer and the sites where you read the manga ONLINE.

If you want a list of what they'll have to look at the site yourself for now. Some of them just have WAY too many for me to list so those ones I'll never add on here. For now you can look at these lists as the sites I go to or would suggest to others. In reality, there are hundreds of sites one can go to, but I consider these safe and use them regularly. They're also usually pretty easy to navigate and such. Enjoy!


Site Name: animeEDEN
Membership: Yes

Site Link: The DCTP Detective Conan Manga Linker
Membership: None

Site Link: Gal. Anime
Membership: Yes and No

Site Link: Galbadia Hotel
Membership: No

Site Link: Goldlilys Manga
Membership: No

Site Link: Manga 4Otaku
Membership: Yes and No

Site Link: Manga Downloads
Membership: No

Site Link: mangaDownload
Membership: Yes

Site Link: Manga Share
Membership: Yes

Site Link: Manga Traders
Membership: Yes

Site Link: Omanga
Membership: No

Site Link: StopTazmo Manga Community!
Membership: Yes

Site Link: Storm in Heaven
Membership: No

Site Link: VNManga
Membership: Yes


Site Link: Homeunix Manga
Membership: No

Site Link: Manga Fox
Membership: No

Site Link: Manga Reader
Membership: No

Site Link: One Manga
Membership: No

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