aka GamesFAQ...?
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About: Almost everyone has heard of this site if you play games. It's a site dedicated to getting you information about the game and providing walkthroughs and help. It's added the feature of keeping track of which games you owned, played, and then rating/scoring them in different ways based on member votes.
Use For:
--> Walkthroughs/Guides/Helps with games I'm playing
--> Keeping track of games owned
--> Board posting in certain games that allow multiplayer
--> Uploading guides I've made
Site Rating: 8/10 from me - missing some games I know of but that are geared towards the phone (but have other versions of same type of game...) also doesn't always have a guide so can sometimes lead to nothing for older/less popular games.


aka MT
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About: This is a site dedicated to anime/gaming graphics. It has thousands of series from anime, manga, visual novels, games, etc. It has large and good quality scans along with fan submitted vectors and wallpapers that have meet their basic requirements. It used to be for members only (free membership) but is now open to the public, assuming the member that submitted the work has OKed their work to be downloaded by non-members. Great site to get original and fan graphics.
Use For:
--> Uploading my wallpapers and vectors to share
--> Finding others' great wallpapers
--> Find images to use for future projects or just generally to have
Site Rating: 9/10 from me - not really balanced material for the different series. Some series has way more and others less depending more on popularity


aka MAL
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About: Site has the list of anime I've seen, how I've rated it, etc. Also has my list of manga I've read, rated, etc. Highly recommend using the site to keep track of what anime you've watched/watching.
Use For:
--> Anime Watching (Series and last episode watched)
--> Anime seen and plan to watch
--> Manga reading (Series and last chapter/volume read)
--> Manga read and plan to read
Site Rating: 9/10 from me

Warcraft Pets

World of Warcraft
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About: This is a site that keeps track of the pets you've captured/collected in the game World of Warcraft. It tells you a bit about the pets with pictures included, keeps track of new pets released, and tells you general information about where or how to get the pet.
Use For:
--> Seeing what pets I don't have yet
--> Where to get pets
--> Compare myself to other pet collectors
--> Has totals for pet count, rarety, average level, etc.
Site Rating: 7/10 from me - could be a bit more user-friendly sometimes