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BLAH~ Yay~ ;D

Tier 1 - Absolute Love

Without a doubt, my favorite males. If I see a figure, I buy it. Loads of images saved. Have posters and wall-scrolls like crazy. Just can't get enough of 'em.
Sora (KH)
Kira Yamato

Tier 2 - Love

Not the best of the best, but loved sooo much, nonetheless. Also have lots of figures, posters, images, etc. of these guys.
Tsuna Sawada
Luffy D. Monkey
Hajime Saito
Heiji Hattori

Tier 3 - So Close to Love~

Basically if I see something of theirs, I might debate getting it, but it wouldn't be prioritized over Tier 1/2 items. Usually these are the ones that I like a lot, but just fall slightly short of that full love either due to not enough content with them in it, or some other minor flaw that just didn't get them all the way through my door of love. But they do have it open, at least!
Ace D. Portgas
Ryoma Echizen
Allen Walker
Kyo Sohma

Tier 4 - Crushes

Mostly guys that I have minor crushes on so that if I come across a good image of them, I'd save it, but that I don't go out of my way looking for their products.
Kaito Kid
Van Fanelia
Gon Freecss
Shaoran Li
Firo Prochainezo
Kaito Domoto

Tier 5 - The Memories...

These are the guys that wouldn't normally be in my top anymore if not for some kind of memory, nostalgic feel to them, or specific instances for some reason or another.
Zero Enna - favorite number, 88, originated from my crush on him thus I'll never be able to forget him. Honestly, he'd be closer to a favorite had they continued the series (anime or manga) since it had sooo much potential.
Heero Yuy - probably one of my earliest childhood crushes
Yusuke Yurameshi - childhood crush~
Sanada | Yukimura | Atobe - all three are due to their awesome stories/play-through in the game "Tennis no Oji-Sama: Motto Gakuensai no Ouji-Sama - More Sweet Edition"