Yamato Family

a work in progress
Disclaimer: I am new to the forums (was bored at work today) but not to the game. I've been playing the Sims since the original and there are two families that I'm proud of. The first was in Sims 2 when I reached 7 generations in one family. The second is the one I'll be telling about here, my (currently) 18 generation family.

I've complied a LOT about my family though it’s probably better to prefer to it as my legacy, I suppose, since the only story is the one of what actually happens. I don't interpret or make actions to fit a story, I just tell it like it is - a family that married so-and-so that had such-and-such unusual about them. Nothing against stories, I just never played my Sims around that; more like, I played with the mindset of my goals and went onward to achieve them.

I also try to focus on one expansion at a time. I don’t do EVERYTHING for the expansion, but I try to get a lot of it accomplished before I put in another. Because of this I own a lot of expansions but haven’t installed them and won’t till I feel I’ve somehow completed the others already installed. Mostly focusing on University and Supernatural right now.

Originally I used to take pictures like crazy, but for the longest time I haven't. I recently began again, so I'll be putting those here as well. More to come, potentially.

Basically I wanted to share my stories. This family, being at 18 generations, has a lot of stories. I'm not even talking about the typical stories of the daily life of my sim, but more like events, occurrences, and just the general "Wow! That just happened..." moments. Since the achievements were added AFTER I already had 7 generations, some of my married in or "extras" were to play catch up in the achievement list.

All pictures will open to the original, larger version when clicked on.

Table of Contents:


Goals for the Yamato Family:




There were a few things I knew right off the bat about how this family would be (due to having a previous 7 generation family).



I’ll be adding more detail/information to this section a little later once I’ve had time to go back and literally count/document my collections.



Moved Homes Three Times | Changed Towns Once

House 1
The first house that Kira and Lacus started off in was one of the normal small/cheap houses in Pleasant View Valley. It’s been so long that I don’t remember much besides working them towards their jobs, upgrading the house a LITTLE but mostly saving money, and purchasing the land for the graveyard.

House 2
Once they’d saved up enough (about 3 or 4 generations later) I purchased one of the larger homes that still had plenty of room for expansion. I did expand on it often and quite a bit (I do miss that house sometimes) before I finally moved them into another house that was on the biggest lot size (another 3 or 4 generations later).

House 3
I also expanded on this house. My friend designed me a courtyard that stood between the front and back portions of the mansion. However, I had made the mistake early on and didn’t level out the entire lot… though it didn’t technically interfere too much, it created distortions in the images of rugs and other objections. After another 3-4 generations, I figured it was time to move again – this time to another town.

House 4 – Current Main Home
I made a backup save as a just-in-case since I hadn’t made a town move yet. It went fine and the Yamato family found themselves in Riverview on one of the largest lots at the top of the town where all the other mansions were. The main desire behind this move was that I had been mapping out on paper and recreating a new mansion for them. I designed the house to allow a lot of expansion since at the time they first moved, the Yamato family didn’t have enough funds to finish building the full first floor of the mansion.

The main center piece of this house was that a slim, large tree would be in the middle of the house to see when you first walk in. To the left would be the formal living room and to the right would be the dining room followed by the kitchen. Outside the front I copied the courtyard my friend had designed for me which pushed the building back about 1/3 away from the street. This was the basic starting point.

I later expanded adding the bedrooms on the second floor. To emphasize their wealth, each bedroom has a sitting/living room, an office, and its own bathroom. The children/kid rooms do not have the extra sitting room.

It wasn’t till after I had two stories that I added in the basement. I had to work it a little, but eventually managed. The basement was basically my storage for masterpiece artworks and my adventures collections. Overtime it basically became a second house more geared towards the vampire style (mostly because I like having different types of bedrooms…). I expanded the basement down another floor with its main feature being that it’s incomplete but room to grow (haha).

Basically the house has exploded in size since they originally first began building. It currently has four stories above ground and two levels of basement.

Images Coming Soon.
Also still counting rooms.

Bedrooms (Adult/Teen) – 8
Bedrooms (Child/Toddler/Baby) – 6
Bedroom Offices – 5
Bedroom Sitting Rooms – 10
Bathrooms – 16
Kitchens – 2
Dining Room – 1
Gym – 1
Indoor Swimming Pool – 1
Entertainment/Family/Game Rooms – 3
Laundry Rooms – 3
Ballroom – 1
Art Room – 1
Garage – 1
Offices – 1
Alchemy/Magic Room – 1
Science Room – 1
Library – 1
Award/Display Room – 1
Total # of Rooms – #

Vacation Homes
Currently have three vacation homes

Family Graveyard


I’ve always loved having a family graveyard and especially seeing it grow and expand with the deceased family members. Now – I know that sounds pretty creepy, but I don’t mean that I like to kill off my Sims just to see the number of graves increase. On the contrary, I don’t usually kill off a Sim until it has completed its purpose or I need more room in the family for the next generation or something.

Yamato Family


First and foremost, it’ll be easier to follow along and understand if you look at the family tree I’ve created. Up-to-date as of 12/19/2014

I’m not going to spin this like a story, but rather tell you about the Sims and what went on with them in general. It’s also been far too long for me to remember every detail. Also, because I like and care about the hair colors and genetics, I’ll be adding those details.

To begin, I started the family with my favorite anime couple Kira Yamato and Lacus Clyne. Kira had brown hair while Lacus had pink. I created them together as housemates and then progressed them to marriage. I don’t remember what I made Kira do, but Lacus was a politician because I wanted to stay somewhat similar to her actual character (which is basically a free world leader).

The two worked on their jobs and saving money for the future generations. I knew I wasn't going to be using cheats so I made sure to save as much as possible and spend as little. They gave birth to a son who I named Haro (after another side character from almost every Gundam series) with pink hair. Because I wanted blue hair, I married Haro to a character I created named Bulma (based off of Dragon Ball / Z). I believe she was a news anchor, but I didn’t like having to make friends… I think I accomplished her LTW, but I’m not really sure. I just generally remember her career being a pain.

Haro and Bulma gave birth to a son and named him Trunks (why not? Bulma’s son in DBZ was named Trunks haha). I don’t remember what hair color he was born with (preeeetty sure it was pink again), but I manually changed it to purple to basically represent the mixing of pink and blue along with it being his actual hair color in the series. I found out when he had a son that it had become genetic. Trunks married Michiru (for more about where the names are coming from, see the Sims Names section), hair color sea green/blue. I created her as a teen and put her in another house in town. Because I wanted a sim that’d actually want nicer things since I was ready to spend my saved up money - I gave her the snob trait as a teen. Go figure she’d get Evil as her final trait when she grew to an adult. I honestly, instantly, didn’t like her as much as I did before just because of this. Her character was already very stuck-up looking, but now she was evil too. Made things somewhat interesting, but for the most part I just no longer liked her character as much.

Trunks and Michiru gave birth to Len, hair color purple. Pretty sure he became a rock star. He married Miyako, hair dark purple with her father’s hair color being red (obviously this matters haha). Miyako was the first to want a big family and that I actually gave into the demands for more than one child. Because of this I gave her the fertility reward. I'd been kind of bored with the simple one child and I wanted to make more rooms and expand on the house, so this presented the perfect opportunity.

Len and Miyako gave birth to twin boys which I named Sora and Roxas (based off the game Kingdom Hearts which makes soooo much sense if you've played the games. To avoid spoilers, I won't mention why but it just worked out since I actually didn't know I'd have twin boys, I just wanted to name the son Sora and then BAM another boy and so Roxas. Had there been 3, I probably would've gone with Riku, since I hadn't known about Ventus at the time). Sora had blue hair (clearly passed down from his great-grandmother) and Roxas had a golden brown (I assumed passed down from the original head of the family Kira but it might've just been one of those weird hair color glitches). Miyako then gave birth to triplets, Namine with hair color blue, Kairi with purple hair, and Cagalli with red hair (Namine and Kairi both from Kingdom Hearts as well so it matched well with Sora/Roxas... unfortunately, there was triplets and I couldn't think of a 3rd girl from the series that I knew of at that time). I planned to keep both Sora and Roxas since they were twins and next head of the family. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep the triplets. I believe I kept them alive for a while, killing off the parents first. This allowed me to have Sora marry Brandi with hair blonde with hotpink highlights. Roxas married Shouko with mint hair. Shouko was a pretty boring sim – so much so that I forgot almost everything about her besides her mint green hair color. This gave me 7 people in the family… it was time to kill off one of the triplet sisters. I started with Kairi (how, I don’t remember) because I don’t like the character she was named for. Her sim was also very typical.

Sora and Brandi gave birth to a son, Ren who inherited Brandi’s hair but I changed the highlights to blue to make it a mix of the parents instead. Roxas and Shouko gave birth to a daughter, Nami who got her mother’s hair which I manually mixed to have brown highlights. Nami was based off an anime character that was a thief (from One Piece), so I also made her a master thief in the sims to kind of keep to the character’s based-off nature. I think it was at this point that I went ahead and killed off the other two sisters so I could focus on the two families. Since I kept Roxas, this created the first branch in the family.

Ren went on to marry Noel with indigo hair. Noel was similar to Shouko in the fact that she was super boring and I don't remember hardly anything at all. I'm almost positive I killed her off before I even needed to. While around the same time Nami married Ranma who had red hair. I found out about playable ghosts around this time and wanted to have ghost babies. Because of this I actually went ahead and killed Ranma (somehow…) and had Nami WooHoo with his ghost while having the fertility reward. It worked a little too well and gave me triplets (two ghosts, one human). As a side note, I didn't have supernatural at this time, so getting a ghost baby the old-fashioned method is a nice little "Ha! I did that" moment.

Ren and Noel produced Caden with black hair (somehow!) which I added in maroon highlights to kind of tie it back to his grandmother. After, Nami and Ghost Ranma gave birth to triplet girls – two ghosts and one human. First ghost was Hitmoi, second ghost was Kyoko. The human was Sakura with blonde hair (again, no clue how this hair color came to be). Originally I was going to kill off Sakura because she was human, but she was so naturally pretty that I decided to keep her. By naturally pretty I mean that she had one of the dullest hair styles with no makeup and she was still beautiful. Most sims need makeup or certain hair styles to make them beautiful while she... she was just natural. Her face was just so naturally beautiful, kind, and gentle. Instead of Sakura, I sent Hitomi back to the netherworld when she hit teen-years, using her gravestone in her inventory. So in a way I killed her off… but not really since she was already dead.

Now, to tie the branch back to the main family Caden and Kyoko got married. They gave birth to Kagome, human, black with hotpink highlights hair. At the same time Sakura married Yamato Minazuki, hair green, and took on his last name, also creating another branch in the family (would have been funny if he’d taken on the family name and been Yamato Yamato but I kind of actually just forgot to make her propose since I knew she was from the Branch family and wasn't too concerned). They gave birth to Haruna, green hair.

Kagome married Inuyasha (both from series Inuyasha) who had silver hair. Kagome did loads of traveling as she was my first that I wanted to be a Great Explorer. This didn't work out for me since she was human and her life span wasn't long enough. Also, I hadn't found any guides to help me get through all the tombs and so I just couldn't complete her lifetime wish. They gave birth to a son, Shippo whose hair I mixed the black from Kagome and the silver from Inuyasha.

Haruna married Satoshi Hiwatori (DNAngel series), light blue hair. Much like his anime character he was based on, I put him as a police kind of detective. I remember taking him on Kagome's travels so he'd have more time to work on his painting skill which was very much lacking haha! They gave birth to Roia (from Kiba series) who had her father’s hair color.

Once again it was time to marry the branch family into the main family. So Shippo and Roia married. And then… the glitch happened.


After getting happily married, Shippo and Roia ran off to France for a little adventure/honeymoon. I saved while in France. The adventure board was glitching and not working while some of the tombs weren’t working right either (no, it wasn’t because I couldn’t figure the puzzle out). I figured I’d give up and send them home, so return home they went.

When I arrived back at the house, for some reason the family relationships had been CUTOFF. Shippo no longer saw Kagome/Inuyasha as his parents, Roia no longer recognized her parents either. They were all still friends, but the family relationship was broken and the in-game family tree did not include them anymore either.

I panicked. I could NOT let my relationship ties die. Glitch or no, the family tree would be starting over from Shippo/Roia and I was NOT about to let that happen. I needed for Kagome and Inuyasha to have another kid. Haruna/Satoshi wouldn’t work because they did not have the Yamato last name. Even though Shippo did, the tree would be traced back up through the branch instead of the head/main family. This was unacceptable.

Luckily Kagome still had about 3-4 more days before becoming an elder. I got her and Inuyasha to try for a baby IMMEDIATELY! It worked and she got pregnant and a few days later gave birth to Yukari (series Paradise Kiss), with a hair color I don’t remember but basically ended up making it hotpink with indigo highlights. Funny thing is, Shippo recognized her as his sister but she didn’t recognize him as her brother.

Either way I went ahead and had Shippo/Roia have a son, Yosuke (name from Persona 4, even had the guy’s hair style) with brownish-gold hair (again no clue where these normal hair colors are coming from).

I proceeded to marry Yukari with Muneshige (from game Yo-Jin-Bo) with dark blue hair. Before she married, I did make Yukari my first "player" in the family with the Master Romancer LTW. I liked this idea because she could complete the LTW and THEN get married. Which was what I did. Muneshige was pretty boring for the mooost part - he was a bartender and completed his LTW pretty early on which left him kind of useless in the family. They had a daughter, Sarasa (from Basara) with hotpink hair.

Around the same time Yosuke married Momoko (from Wedding Peach) with pink hair. Momoko was the first I attempted to reach stardom in the family. A few others had been famous for awhile due to... well just being friends with the right people by accident and then the family famous multiply each's. Either way, I made her a star (oh and gave her a large chest since almost all the females in this family kept turning out with small chests! Probably because I'd started before you could define the chest size, I think). They had a son named Shuri (also from Basara) with light blue hair. Ironically, I wanted a girl for the chest size gene and got a boy instead... I think it still worked for the grandkid though.

Obviously I made Sarasa and Shuri get married to get the “branch” family to marry back into the “main” family. They’re technically second cousins. Shuri became an Emperor of evil because it was based on the character he was named for, which was an evil emperor in the beginning of the story. I did NOT give him the evil trait though. They gave birth to Relena (Gundam Wing series) with a manual mix of the hotpink and blue hair.

Relena married the first supernatural in the family, the vampire Kyo (from Fruits Basket) with orange hair. He was already alive for a while so Relena literally knew him from when she was a child. I actually have pictures of him reading her a bedtime story (at his house) and dancing together when she was a teen.
In a way it was rather enduring to see them go from being neighbor friends to a married couple. Unfortunately, Kyo had a lover before Relena came along, which wasn't a big deal except that when I did get him into the family household, he didn't know his lover so I could make him break it off with her or anything. So for their whole lives it always showed him as having 2 lovers and the other girl being his longer relationship by a lot. Bummer. But he really was loyal to Relena.


So I didn’t know this at the time (since I hardly looked anything up not related to LTW at this time). I wanted Relena and Kyo to have a child, obviously. I had recently acquired the time machine… So I have them try for baby in the time machine (pretty sure I selected past). A few in-game hours later I suddenly see a new Sim face come up for my controllable, household Sims with the name “Richard Yamato.” I literally was like “what the hell…?!” followed by seeing the message in the top right of the screen, “Mother! Father! I have returned! This is a much nicer place than the cave you left me in!” I seriously started freaking out like crazy. To top it off, he was a young adult vampire and actually attractive! I did have to rename him, Lestat (picked by my best friend from Interview With a Vampire) with blue hair.

Lestat married vampire Ridgett Gargantia with purple hair. I figured now would be a good time to attempt the 15 children achievement and do the 30 grandchildren later. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t realize all 15 had to be living at one time, so I was killing them off pretty often/quickly in different ways to get different ghosts. So, of course, a lot of graves were added. Triplets Izumi, Mokona, and Io. Offspring Haru, Bridgett, and Switch. Twins Madoka and Shinpachi. Mikel. Triplets Amu, Lina, and Megumi. And Elsa. The last two twins born, Urushihara and Chiho, I kept alive. They both were vampires with purple hair and I even gave them the same hair style since it worked for both genders. The hair style was actually pretty accurate to the character Urushihara was named after AND it was even naturally the correct color. I figured it was meant to be!

I had an interesting time with Urushihara – he was a firefighter but a vampire. The sun didn’t sit well with him and sometimes I had glitched houses and couldn’t get his job done. This meant it took a while to get him the hero LTW. He married werewolf Miku (from Vocaloid) with teal hair and had werewolf son Ryoma, black and teal hair mix.

His twin sister I decided would be the big flirt and have the heartbreaker LTW. I also figured it was time to throw in a new/interesting dynamic of an illegitimate child. She had fairy daughter Asuna with her fairy lover Yozaburo Shiranui (Yo-Jin-Bo series again), blue-green hair. Asuna ended up with orange/blue mix… don’t remember how/why. Once Chiho’s LTW was complete, she settled down with Allen Walker (series D. Gray-Man), white hair, to have her vampire son Eren (name from Attach on Titan) who had purple and white mixed hair. Her fairy lover was literally a momentary guy and so there really isn't much to tell about him. Allen on the other hand was a fairy as well, but I kept him around for a LONG time. He was my gardener and I couldn't bring myself to kill him while the garden still needed him. Of course I also kept planting things as well... SO! He survived for his great-grandchildren (and had a momentary affair with Rukia long after his wife had died... Rukia, mentioned below, is his step-grand-daughter so I'll admit it was kind of weird/unusual).

Asuna married the ghost Zoro (from One Piece) with green hair. But he was a ghost so you didn’t see it. He was originally supposed to be the monster maker, but I realize his human lifespan would not allow for the time needed to create 3 monsters, unfortunately, and ended up changing his LTW. As for Asuna, I don't actually remember too much about her either so she was probably more of a place-filler role in the family then of any actual interest. Their first child came too early in the timeline and was a fairy son name Lelouch. When he was born I realized I needed to have a daughter for her to marry Ryoma. At childhood, Lelouch drowned. Next they had a fairy daughter named Rukia, green hair.

A little after this, Eren married ghost Pacifica, blonde hair. When I realized she still had the lifespan of a human, I wasn’t too interested in her besides knocking out a LTW. Eren stuck around for a bit longer in the interest department, but his hair and skin just didn't go together so I couldn't get really attached to him. They gave birth to a ghost-vampire son, Daru, blonde hair.

Ryoma married Rukia as planned, combining the illegitimate branch back into the main family. They then had a daughter named Fuuko, green-blue hair. Ryoma died pretty early in age due to the Mummy's Curse when accompanying his wife on her adventures. Rukia's LTW was to be a seasoned traveler and I made sure this got accomplished (and made sure to save before and after she left to make sure the family ties were not cut again). I ended up keeping her around a lot longer than I thought I would but mostly because traveling kept glitching and my game kept crashing so I could never manager to get to France and stay long enough to buy the Vacation home of my dreams! Eventually I managed, but I couldn't kill her until it was accomplished.

In order for the other branch to marry back into the main, Fuuko married Daru. Their first child was born a human (I’d guess the human genes came from the ghost-human grandmother on Daru’s side) name Genkai, hair dark brown. The fact that she was human and her hair color was dull (compared to the rest of the family) made me displeased with her. Since Fuuko and Daru showed no interest in requesting a second child when she became a toddler, I had them WooHoo in the time machine (past) which produced a teenage, female, fairy daughter. Her name was changed to Mokuren when she became an adult.

I went ahead and created a PlantSim. I figured, if Genkai wasn’t going to be the next head of the family, she could at least marry a PlantSim (since they can’t technically reproduce) so I get the experience of a PlantSim in my family. However, since I already had 7 family members (Allen, Rukia, Fuuko, Daru, Genkai, Mokuren, Grouta, and the horse), I couldn’t move someone else in to be her parent. I had Allen, the oldest of the family, harvest the PlantSim. I saved before I used his fairy Bloom, tried 3 times, and got a girl each time. Oh well! Just means Genkai will not reproduce and be the first lesbian in the family. I was planning on gay/lesbian in the family eventually; I just hadn’t gotten around to it (since it meant they wouldn’t have any biological offspring).

Only Allen would make it so that Genkai and Grouta (the PlantSim) weren’t related. But that didn't seem to work with the game. Although in my personal family tree I'm showing them as married, no matter what I tried the options for Romance would NOT show up. I even tried downloading a mod... but it did not trigger their romance options; it DID make them romantic interests, but I couldn't do or make them anything beyond that. I thought maybe the game wouldn't let me do gay/les for some unknown reason, but Grouta could flirt with Rukia just fine so I figured it was a Grouta-Genkai issue. Oh well, completely finished their LTWs and then laid them to rest. For record purposes, the two were a couple/married.

Mokuren married fairy, Hajime Saito, purple hair. Mokuren had the jockey LTW and I made sure to get this completed. At times it was a bit annoying, but I made sure to get it done! Her husband was the first I tried using a body skin on and although he looked attractive, my later sims with mods looked far better. Either way I went and made him a doctor (since swordsman isn't available haha). They had son, Jio, green hair (I'd assume from his grandmother Fuuko).

Jio married the first genie in the family, Nakaba Arcana, hair pink. She was a created genie because all the ones I tried to get the natural way were either male or very unattractive. THUS I created a genie and started their relationship. I decided to kill a couple of birds with one stone. First, Jio's LTW was to befriend 15 cats. Nakaba's LTW was to be super popular. Combining these two, I decided to attempt the 15 kids and 30 grandkids achievements. So how this works - Nakaba and Jio have a kid (the first, Obito, I keep in the house and basically set aside since he is the next head of the family). The kid grows up, marries. Wife gets pregnant with triplets due to genie lamp and/or twins/triplets from the fertility reward. Kid and pregnant wife move out (house bought for by main family since they're like 7 million rich). And so begins the attempt to get two achievements.

First born, Obito Yamato, blonde from grandmother, marries Ayano Stigma. Please keep in mind that Obito was the last to marry and have kids, even though he's listed first and the oldest. He was born and then kind of kept on the side until the 15-kids and 30-grandkids achievements were completed. His LTW was to be a Celebrated Five-Staf Chef. I realized that I had kind of avoided the cooking LTW and achievements. Since I knew he wouldn't marry/family for awhile, I figured I'd have him go the cooking route and work on the cooking achievements while the rest of his brothers/sisters were being born and married off. He and his wife gave birth to Quon (with her image and story continuing can be found at the end of the children born from Jio and Nakaba).

Obito finished his LTW and while his wife was working on her's and getting pregnant, he went down the Evil branch in the Criminal career to get the achievement XXX (where he has to bake 20 batches of great cookies and be the Emperor of Evil). This was accomplished. Though his purpose was completed, due to the fact that they moved to a new house and actually had to earn their income, I kept him working. More on them below (so it's closer to actual timeline stuff).

Second born Azula, blonde from grandmother, marries at-time-maid, Musa Maaz.
Triplets Doris Yamato, Greg Yamato, Abby Yamato

Third born, Batou Yamato, blonde from grandmother, marries at-time-maid, Annie Hatch.
Triplets Emil Yamato, Manu Yamato, Randal Yamato

Fourth born, Chi Yamato, purple from grandfather, marries created-sim, Adam Blade.
Triplets Luke Yamato, Louise Yamato, Bertha Yamato

Fifth born, Dita Yamato, random brown hair, marries created-sim, Erik Dewey.
Triplets Carson Yamato, Dominick Yamato, Tremayne Yamato

Sixth born, Eiji Yamato, purple from grandfather, marries created-sim, Shayla Skaggs
Triplets Andrew Yamato, Devin Yamato, Stewart Yamato

Seventh born, Ferio Yamato, random black hair, marries at-time-maid, Loraine Larza
Triplets Rocio Yamato, Donald Yamato, Athena Yamato

Eight born, Souji Yamato, purple hair from grandfather, marries created-sim, Staisy Whaev
Triplets Everett Yamato, Burton Yamato, Evan Yamato

Ninth born, Hodor Yamato, pink-purle from mother, marries at-time-maid, Alex Dennis
Triplets Bonnie Yamato, Nicola Yamato, Elmer Yamato

Tenth born, first adopted, Inui Yamato, marries XXX
Twins Leah Yamato, Tammie Yamato

Eleventh born, second adopted, Juvia Yamato "hooks up" with Kim Chong Wong (so I made the mistake of having Juvia enter into a relationship with a ghost that wasn't controllable... sooo basically she kind of had no choice but to only have a romantic interest with the Kim guy - who was from China)

Twelfth born, Kakarot Yamato, green-blue from father, marries at-time-maid, Sherry Polk

Thirteenth born Laila, purple hair from grandfather, marries Lix Fel
Triplets Imelda, Salvatore, Sri (MIA)

Fourteenth born Mewtwo, green-blue hair from father, marries Shana Unknown
Twin to Laila and father to Cedrick Yamato. Cedrick originally also had Jio's hair color, but I changed it to his mother's hair color because it was an unusual bright red/orange and thus Cedrick lived on!

Fifteenth born Nagato, twin to Pain, originally Jio's hair color, changed to the color Pain was naturally born with. Married Umi Ryuuzaki
His LTW was the Psychic Celebrity which I hadn't done yet. His life was basically spent working on this LTW. His wife, Umi, had the LTW of maxing all social groups - this required a bit more attention than her husband. I utilized the LTW rewards that increased social status with a certain social group. This helped a lot along with her wishes to increase her status so that the reward technically only cost 1000 instead of the full 2000 because she got 1000 for completing the wish. I still had to work a bit to get them all up though. Started with jock, then nerd, with rebel last. At some point she had their son, Shinichi (who inherited Umi's blue hair) which meant she had fulfilled 1/2 of her purpose. I did have a little scared when she ranted about the reaper and he came and killed her before her LTW was complete - luckily the first time is a warning; I instantly had her spot ranting about him and went back to making sure I got her LTW complete. Once it was done, she ranted again till the reaper came, did so twice in a row, and found her self killed by ranting (first time for this one, yay!).

Sixteenth born Pain
Pain was the twin to Nagato and originally I wanted to keep and play both of them however Pain had some kind of glitch where he couldn't really interact with anyone else. I could force the relationship max, but the most he'd be able to do was Playful Pester (him and his twin were fairies). Because of this I was forced to send him to an early expiration. I also switched his and Nagato's hair colors because Pain had a darker brown naturally and it just looked really good while Nagato inherited Jio's hair (which isn't bad, just common by this point). So because of the switch, Pain died with Jio's hair and Nagato went on with Pain's original hair color.

Around the time the twins were born was also when Mewtwo and LXX had their kids. Since this still did not trigger the 30 grandkids achievement (even though I had over 30 grandkids) I figured it was time to stop trying and move on - thus it was time for Nabaka's death. I must say this was rather interesting because, first and foremost, the cat hated Nabaka. They were enemies and basically max hate between the two of them. So it comes time and Nabaka passes away. I'm not thinking too much of it as I pay attention to some of the other Sims in the family while her death is playing out. I decide the check on the cat which has found its way to the basement with Nabaka's ghost and the Grim Reaper. Next thing I know the cat is harassing Grim and he's bringing Nabaka back to life! The cat that hated her, harassed death and had her revived... Needless to say I wasn't expecting this, killed her again shortly, and made sure the cat didn't bother Grim again...

As I was still working on the achievements, I'd moved the twins out with LXX and her family until I was ready to bring them back (after killing the rest of the family for their gravestones; the twins were still toddlers, so they would've had a negative moodlet if they'd stayed in the house during this timeframe). Once all of the "extended" family had been dealt with, the twins were moved back into the family and Obito married the witch, Ayano. Basically her LTW was to cure 12 magically cursed Sims. The easiest method to achieve this was to just curse the Sims herself and then remove that curse - so basically it became witch magic leveling time!

While Ayano was witchin' it up, the twins Pain and Nagato were just growing up as normal. It was during this time that I realize Pain couldn't have normal sim-interactions and knew the time would come when he could be expired. So I mostly just focused on Nagato as they were aging. During this time there was a female teen vampire fro town that Nagato got pretty close to... so close that it glitched my game x__X SO!

Another Glitch Story

My family, unfortunately, underwent the glitch that makes all the Sims' icons a blank green box and thus unplayable (and even unseeable). I was able to reset the glitch, but even after resetting it and playing for a bit, if I saved and came back to the game it'd be glitched again - which was horrible because I couldn't even tell if my family was glitching or not while playing and saving it... After awhile I came to the conclusion that this was all Nagato's girlfriend's fault. Mostly because it just seemed to start once they got engaged and then married. Game was fine until they married and I moved her in. At first I thought it was because I was using cheats to change her physical genetics (and that the first time I did this I thought I didn't wait long enough for it to recognize the change before saving, but the waiting wasn't the issue). So then I figured I just wouldn't genetically change her... still made no difference, my game was glitching. After much though and consideration I decided to have Nagato breakup with her and took my friend's advice and moved them out of that house.

I moved them all out and into a new house without their 4+ million and without the money from their house. I just basically moved them out and had them start over in another premade house in the neighborhood. They weren't completely poor when they moved out (because I moved them in with a Kitten that had a 400k house so when I moved them out of that one, they had a good bit of cash for their new house and some new furnishings) but for the bills (which I won't turn off through LT rewards because it makes it boring) I needed to keep Daru around for sure because he was the only one with a super high paying job. By this time he was a surgeon making basically 6k an hour... hahaha. So onward to their new house the family went! (At time family: Daru, Jio, Obito, Ayano, Cedrick, and Nagato) Soon after, Quon was born.

Quon Yamato (born to Obito and Ayano) married S.M.
Quon's LTW was the Blog Artist. Her traits were setup in preparation for the News blog and she began working on her social networking skills as a teen. She already had a 5-star blog before she hit adult, but the skill hadn't been maxed yet. I used her to also get the achievements related to blogging. Her husband was a vampire that only had to max painting and photography... and since all the past vampires in my house were glitched so they maxed skills almost instantly, I thought he'd be the same. He was, unfortunately, not. Thus I had to actually work on his skills before he could expire (of course after filling a few other prerequisites... haha)

A little side note/story - Quon was originally going to have the kid of the Grim Reaper. However, after reading and checking up on the case, I found that there were a lot of risks (in the case of glitches) that could result from adding Grim to the family (which is what I'd have to do since I didn't try this till after they'd removed the Try for Baby with Grim). However, since this didn't seem to be the best idea for my glitch-magnet family, I just reloaded and didn't save their relationship. However, her mother Ayano really did expire at that time to help make room for Quon's husband (though originally it was to make room for Quon's baby).

Cedrick Yamato (born to Mewtwo and Shana) married Teela Zain Elmes

Shinichi Yamato (born to Nagato and Umi)

To be continued...