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Making Money

Tips and Suggestions~

There are a few different methods that I managed to get my money up, especially with the early game. Just a few ways to take advantage of certain parts of the system that might not be completely obvious.

Early Game

As Soon As Available

Increasing Star Quality


After not noticing this until later and even then not coming up with a good method for awhile, I figured I might add something I wish I'd known when I first started caring about crop level.


How I setup my crops to keep track of which I'm working on the star quality of is similar to this diagram to the left.

I start by checking which crops will grow back and make sure I put them in a vertical row so that I plant the newer, higher star seeds horizontally - this way I know that I should be fertilizing Tomatoes 3 and ignoring (for fertilizing) tomatoes 1 and 2 since they'll just be re-growing and the star quality won't grow as quickly as just replanting the crop.

Next I kind of just bunch together the one-time growing crops. Once one of those crops finishes growing (Onions, for example), I'll go get 1 seed from the batch and replant it usually in the same spot (though not required since these are one-time growing crops). This allows me to know that I just fertilize everything in that area and I don't even have to pay attention to which plot is which crop.

In the brownish area on the right is where I plant all my trees. I honestly suggest you do this on your home lot since you'd waste a lot of time if you wait for the tree lot to be available and for you to win it. Again, this way everything you need to fertilize is on one screen and you can just go around fertilizing everything that needs it. I do suggest that once you have max-star for all the trees that you get seeds and plant them either in your second personal field (you'll understand which I'm referring to in Winter Yr1) or in the orchid. I personally planted them in my second field with 3 each and in order of the seasons so all the trees that can be harvested in summer are all next to each other with 3 each so I get a nice hefty harvest.

Lastly, near the tree area plant tea leave. Once these are maxed you can just plant all 5-star-level tea leaves in the Tea Leaf Field which will be beneficial for fulfilling requests and selling crops to unlock Tropical Country.



There are a few instances when saving is your best friend and make manipulating the game a lot easier...


Items to Hold Onto

There are certain items in the game that you just almost never want to sell. These are usually items that you either need hundreds of later on in the game, or that you need for a lot of patterns/blueprints. Some of this is just personal preference, but I do explain why for each so that you can decide yourself what to hold onto.


Love and Villagers

Depending on who and what you're interested, it's probably a good idea to think about making a habit of trying to increase affection with the specific people instead of waiting until later in the game. ESPECIALLY if you're trying to reverse-dating and reverse-proposal.

Spreadsheets, Lists

Excel Helps

I've realized that while playing certain games, having excel spreadsheets that I've printed out helps GREATLY. Because of this I've decided to share with you a few of the spreadsheets I created and printed out to use for various reasons.