These are OLD updates from 2007, please keep this time mind.

November 28, 2007

To start off, I've got an actual blog at (I THINK that's the place...I'll have to check). I'll let everyone know now, my BIRTHDAY is coming up ^-^ on December 5th. I'll finally be 17. *cheers* Also, I've updated my manga list, but I thought I'd let everyone know ahead of time that it probably won't get updated till I've got a lot of new books (which will probably be my birthday or after xD) so check out my list then! I just might top 1000! ^-^

Page Updates:
~Manga Collection: I've finally got my list up and ready for everyone to see. At the moment I BELIEVE I've got at least 970-ish (last time I ACTUALLY counted it was 972, but I've gotten more since then >.<). Hope ya'll enjoy checkin' it out. If ya wanna know spoilers or about any manga, let me know and I'll post it up on 'My Reviews'. If ya want a wallpaper for the manga, I can probably make ya one too, or point out someplace for ya to get one. K! Enjoy!

November 16, 2007

There seems to be some pages that I had only created and just threw away. Well, no worries anymore because I'm fixing them all up so they can link all around and back again. (Ya know, one big happy circular family). So here are the updates:

Page Updates:
~My Reviews: Before this page wasn't within the circle of linking or anything else for that matter. It even still had the original information that comes with it when you first download it. Luckily, like a lot of other pages, it has been updated a tiny bit.
~Manga Collection: Same problem as above and fixed as well. The list isn't up yet, but it will be sometime later today. So make sure to check back then.
~Anime Watches: I truely forgot what this page was going to be... I think it was so that I could put what animes I've watched and what I think about each and stuff... Like the reviews page... But I'm not sure if on the Reviews page if I'll put anime and manga. Check back with me on that later ^-^'

November 15, 2007

Well...sad to say, there have been some updates that just haven't been posted on the Updates page. Why? Because while I was working on the updates page to let everyone know about the new computer restarted. -_- And, of course, I hadn't saved yet because I was in the MIDDLE of typing. So today's updates includ older updates as well as new for updates that haven't yet been posted.

Page Updates:
~F: This is an older update but, the F Manga page is up and running with lots of new F manga.
~All: Older update as well, but anyway, the All page has been updated with new F list. Check it out.
~Transparent PNGs: This is the biggie of today! I'm finally getting the three PNGs I've made and putting them on the site for everyone. Hope they're to your liking.
~Wallpapers: A new wallpaper has been added staring Deark, Yzak, Kira, and Athrun from Gundam Seed Destiny! Very proud of it, so check it out!

November 11, 2007

After a good night's rest, I was finally able to work a little more on the site. It wasn't a BIG improvement, but I got the Q Manga Page up. I didn't think it'd take much time since, ya know, there aren't many mangas out there starting with a q. And luckily I was right. So I got Q up and outta the way so I can move on to other mangas.

Page Updates:
~Q: The Q Mangas are up and running, as far as I know... xD So enjoy!
~All: The All Manga page has been updated with the new Q Manga links.

November 10, 2007

The site is getting a new look! Let's all cheer! Lately I've been thinking about this site that I kind of worked on, then threw aside, and then worked on again. I've decided, the name should change to something more appropriate and that the layout should look and match what the site is about. So today, I've been investing my time with working on the site. The name name is now Manga Connections which goes well since the main feature of my site is the links to where you can find the manga scans you want/need. I'm even throwing in a smaller page to the site to help find anime downloads. (I've got a knack for finding what I need so it's best to share with everyone).

Pages Updated:
~Wallpapers: This page has been added and Updates to the new layout look. They're all MY wallpapers and I hope everyone enjoys!
~Avatars: Updated to the new layout.
~Updates Page: New and Improved! ^-^
~Homepage: The welcome message and the summary are new additions to the Homepage as well as the new layout has been added.
~Rules: New page has been added to the site with rules over anything and everything for this site from just common rules to graphic rules to downloading rules. Please check this page out first before any other.
~A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q S V: The manga page has been converted to the new layout.
~R T U W X Y Z: The manga pages, R T U W X Y Z, has been added to the site but without the manga list at the moment.
~ALL: The page with ALL the manga links on it has finally been added to the site and converted to the new layout at the same time.
~About Me: Made a few corrections and changed to new layout.
~Wallpapers: Finally got up the wallpapers page full of the few wallpapers I've uploaded so far. More to come though. Enjoy!
~Avatars: New avatars have been added, check 'em out! ^-^