These are OLD updates from 2008, please keep this time mind.

November 20,2008

Amazing that I haven't done anything for the site in awhile. I've been totally busy playin' Crysis and bein' crazy about it. I've got some new banners done and made, but I'll put them up later. I just updated a page because my friend nagged at me that it still said I was single when I'm not any, I went and changed it and thus am makin' an update about it.

My life is goin' fine, if not busy. So I could go on and on about my life, but I'ma keep this short so I can get back to working on my scrapbook.

Page Updates:
~About Me: Updated information. It says I'm 18 because my birthday is comin' up (December 5th) but I dunno when I'll update that information again, so it'll be left alone for awhile probably).

September 21, 2008

Wow...I must say it has been ages since I've updated. There is a lot I wanna say's so late I just wanna get the updates over with and then crawl into bed. But a quick update about my life.

School is going good so far. I've got pretty OK classes and some pretty cool teachers too. Golf is interfering with my love life like crazy, but I'm workin' on/around it. Um...Homecoming was yesterday. I went to my first football game since moving here. I've gotten into Crysis and the reaction I got because I was a girl was priceless. Hm. I'm tired. The bed is calling me.

Page Updates:
~Photos: I have added another page to Photos. The pictures from my HomeComing dance are now up and I thought I'd share the fun I had with everyone. Yay...

August 26, 2008

School starts Thursday...ugh...x_x Well whatever. I don't feel like talking much today so I'll explain what happened in golf today. Coach decided that the top six scores from practice today will be playing in the match tomorrow. Sadly, I didn't score bad enough to get out of it xD But I'ma give ya the scores of the REGULAR varsity in the order they were last time. Only exception is that #4 and #5 have switched places. Congratz to Old #5.

Tuesday, August 26th / Valleaire, 9 Holes / Practice
  • #1: 35
  • #2: 44
  • #3: 51
  • #4: 47
  • #5: 47
  • #6: 49
  • #7: 47

Out of those above, only #1, #2, #4, #5, and #7 will be playing varsity tomorrow. But it's only tomorrow, after tomorrow they go back to their original spots. So congratz to those five and congratz to the JV girl who shot a 48 and will be playing with varsity tomorrow. Good job.

Now, since school is starting and I haven't finished my summer reading, there won't be any updates, I PROMISE, till at least Friday late evening or Saturday. So we'll see how that goes, huh?

Page Updates:
~Wallpapers: One new wallpaper today, Burst starring Conan from Detective Conan.
~PNGs: There's a new PNG starring Conan from Detective Conan. Have fun with it.
~Detective Conan Shrine - Wallpapers: Obviously, the new wallpaper was also added to the proper Shrine it belonged to.
~Detective Conan Shrine - PNGs: The new PNG of Conan will also be on its Shrine.

August 25, 2008

Cool! It's been a while since I've updated twice in a row! ^-^ Yay! Well, there isn't TOO much new stuff today besides a golf update and a graphic or two. Just some small stuff, ya know?

First off, I'd like to say I got a birdie today, isn't that great? But I also had a hole with an 8 on wasn't a very rewarding day for me. I struggled a little and the course's greens (where ya putt to get the ball in the hole) were SLOW as HELL. I'm used to much faster greens...them being slow isn't usually a problem except when they're THIS slow...I had to take my putter head back so far it felt like I was chipping instead of putting x_x I wasn't the only one with problems. You'll see everyone's scores soon. First I'd like to say we beat our match opponents. For those from the south or unfamiliar with's where your school plays another school (sometimes two other schools) at nine holes. It's nothing like a tournament except that you're competing. However, your scores do count (I learned the hard way) and even though matches FEEL, SEEM, and ARE practices, you still have to play well. Ugh. We had our first today.

Monday, August 25th / Solon's Grantwood, 9 Holes / Match
  • #1: 39
  • #2: 45
  • #3: 53
  • #4: 50
  • #5: 46 #6: 52
  • #7: 53

Page Updates:
~Wallpapers: There are two new wallpapers today, again. Surprising, huh? o_o Anyway! One is another Code Geass wallpaper while the other is my first La Corda d'Oro wallpaper. Interesting...heehee.

August 24, 2008

Anything new? A bit. I've got a few more golf scores for everyone as well as a few on-goings and graphics. So to start, my life hasn't been much but busy. I've still got to finish my summer reading and stuff, but I also have golf, and taking my sister to volleyball practice and stuff. When those two conflict, I'm forced to ask my friends to pick her up and take her. And it seems like golf and volleyball might interfere a lot this season *sigh*

But as for golf alone. I had a good round and a bad one since I've last talked. This time, though, I made sure to make a note on everyone's scores and stuff so I could relay them on to everyone. So I'll go ahead and give everyone the scores. But I'd first like to comment that I am now #2 for the team, so my scores are now under #2. In the tournament below, I had my best day every even though it felt like the worst while I was playing. I had no birdies at all, but luckily I had enough pars and bogies to keep a grip on my score. The TEAM came in second by ONE stroke difference. We all played a good day, mostly. The course wasn't difficult, but it wasn't easy. It was a nice day too and went by pretty fast. #1 came second in individual scores, so congratz to her. #5 didn't feel like playing this time, so threw her spot to our #6 for the day. Now here are the scores:

Tuesday, August 19th / Medina Country Club, 18 Holes / Tournament
  • #1: 77
  • #2: 84
  • #3: 94
  • #4: 87
  • #5: --
  • #6: 100

Also (but only for the 21st and beyond), the old #2 is now #4 and the old #4 is now #3. A little confusing, but scores change depending on how good we play and stuff. The course we played below was HARD. Last year I shot a 113 on it and got chewed out by the coach...who I still haven't forgiven. But this year I played a little better, but not good enough to satisfy me. I had a single birde on a par 4 on hole number 18, the fourth hardest hole. Yay~ But my overall score was not pleasing to me. However...even with our team's bad scores, we still came in third. That shows ya that everyone else played either just as bad or worse. Hard course, tough day. Scores now.

Thursday , August 21st / Aurora Country Club, 18 Holes / Tournament
  • #1: 85
  • #2: 92
  • #3: 101
  • #4: 101
  • #5: 93

Golf was tough...but on a happier note, I don't have that many more 18 hole golf tournaments. Yay~ So I'll have more time for homework, school, and hopefully graphics. I'm considering making less stuff on the shrines...I usually make shrines because of having a lot of graphics...but I'm falling behind on getting information for the shrines...I'm still not sure what I'll do yet, but I might do a little changing, I might not. We'll just have to see.

Page Updates:
~Wallpapers: There are TWO new wallpapers. One from Heroic Age and the other from Gakuen Alice [Alice Academy] so feel free to check them out and comment if you're a member at theOtaku.
~Avatars: There are ELEVEN new avatars all under a NEW section, Heroic Age! Check them out if you want.

August 18, 2008's time for another update. I'll also, hopefully, have one after tomorrow. Why? Because tomorrow I have a golf tournament that I gotta go to. I'm not looking forward to it...but I also don't really mind. But once I get home, there are some wallpapers I wanna work on, so hopefully I'll get one or two done and will be able to update the site with scores. Yay?

Today, the team played in another tournament. However, I took the day off to help my new sister with picking classes (and it turns out I WAS needed). But I do have their scores for ya.

Monday, August 18th / Ashland, 18 Holes / Tournament
  • #1: 71
  • #2: 91
  • #3: --
  • #4: 90
  • #5: 90
  • #6: 90
  • #7: 103

If you're wondering about the "6" and "7" it's because the varsity has seven members. I just never bothered with their score since normally only five play anyway. But evidently, they were both able to play (one because I wasn't there) so I thought I'd throw in their scores. Good job girls! I may not have been there, but it looks like either the course was easy, or everyone had a good day, or both. *shrug* Either way, nice job.

But anyway. Check out this series I love called Heroic Age. I'm a big fan of it and if you like Gundam SEED or any fantasy, mech, action, this is a good series to go for.

Page Updates:
~Wallpapers: There's one new wallpaper called Complicated Love now up for everyone. It features some main characters from Heroic Age. Enjoy!

August 15, 2008's been so long! *sniffle* I'm finally getting around to updating the site! Yay!'s not REALLY updating the site. I just added something, so I finally have a reason to talk. But I also thought I'd tell everyone how golf has been going...for those who cares.

First off...I had a bad day in tryouts (Monday, August 2nd). Reason being...I had previously played that course and shot a 83 on it...well I didn't in tryouts, so it upset me. *sigh* Then the next day I had a REALLY bad day o_o I was BAD... And then the next day wasn't all that grand of a day. But on the last day (Thursday) after the top five for varsity had been chosen already, I shot pretty good xD Now I'll give the scores for the top five people who made varsity. This is for my own personal record keeping too, but I won't mention names. I, personally, got third on the team so my scores will be under "#3". I am a little unsure on a few scores...but if I'm wrong, they're only off by a shot or two.

Monday, August 2nd / Bunkerhill, 18 Holes / Tryouts Day 1
  • #1: 77
  • #2: 95
  • #3: 92
  • #4: 96
  • #5: 99
Tuesday, August 3rd / Valleaire, 9 Holes / Tryouts Day 2
  • #1: 42
  • #2: 46
  • #3: 53
  • #4: 49
  • #5: 49
Wednesday, August 4th / Valleaire, 9 Holes / Tryouts Day 3
  • #1: 40
  • #2: 47
  • #3: 46
  • #4: 47
  • #5: 49
Thursday, August 5th / Valleaire, 9 Holes / Practice
  • #1: Forgot
  • #2: Forgot
  • #3: 44
  • #4: Forgot
  • #5: Forgot

Ok...then the weekend rolled around and finally a break! YAY! Well anyway. On Monday we went to a tournament and took the 7 varsity people. However, only the top five played. Let's see if I remember their scores...As for myself, I had a single birdie and a few pars...but I struggled overall...because I hate this course x_x

And I was so tired afterward that I ate three whole pieces of team was NOT happy with me XD but oh well. It was a really hot day and I needed the energy afterwards. I'm so glad I'll never be playin' that course again! Heehee!

But I must say...the next tournament was amazing. I shot an 88! My best ever in a tournament (where it counts)! I had like 2 birdies...five pars, I think, 6 bogies or something...I can't remember perfectly anymore, but I know I had 2 birdies and I shot my best every in a tournament. Of course coach had to go and kill my mood on the bus back...figures, huh?

So there's this one hole, second hardest hole on that 9. It's got water and crap...I go in the water THREE times. This, of course, causes my score to skyrocket. But I didn't break any rules, I just didn't apply the rule I should've which would've gotten me a much better lie so I could hit over the water and onto the green much easier.

Well the coach is lecturing Danielle (my best friend from golf) and me at the back of the bus. That was the first thing she did wrong as a coach. She should've pulled me and Danielle aside AFTER the bus had gotten us back to the high school. Then talked to us. But NOOOOO, instead she has to go and talk to us on the bus where there was a high chance of the whole team overhearing. Talk about RUDE! And this was the SECOND time she'd done that to me.

Next thing she did that drove me mad was when we were talking about the 9 I received on that water hole, she asked me how many strokes, or hits, or shots, I would have probably saved myself if I had applied the second option when dropping. I told her, "Four. I most likely could have walked away with bogie." When I say this she instantly responds with, "That's four strokes you cost the TEAM."

Now...let me REMIND everyone...that this is when I shot my best score ever in a tournament. And honestly, if it hadn't been for my score and our #1's score, our team would not have beaten some of the schools that coach was so excited that we beat. But does coach realize this? Or take into consideration that she should be at least congratzing me? No...instead she says I cost the team FOUR strokes. Mathematically, it's true...but what about our #2? She's our NUMBER TWO! She should be shooting lower than me and playing within the 90s on 18-holes. Instead she shots 104...why isn't the coach lecturing HER?! But NOOOOO! The girl who shot a 88 cost the team FOUR strokes! -_- If ya haven't noticed, I still haven't forgiven the coach for this. But putting it all down into words and for all my friends to see (cuz that's basically the only people who look at this site xD) makes me feel better. Oh. And no offense to #2. I know what it's like to have a bad day, so I don't think it's wrong or bad thatcha scored a 104, simply that compared to ya, coach shouldn't've been getting all over my butt, ya know? Now to the week's scores. Phew...I'm done ranting for now.

Monday, August 11th / Chipawa, 18 Holes / Tournament
  • #1: 82
  • #2: 98
  • #3: 99
  • #4: 97
  • #5: 105
Wednesday, August 13th / Legends, 18 Holes / Tournament
  • #1: 80
  • #2: 104
  • #3: 88
  • #4: 101
  • #5: 102

Ok, I'm feeling MUCH better. Now, on to more recent things. On Thursday, August 14th, our foriegn exchange student came to start living with us. Amazing isn't it? She's from Japan (even better!) and she's really sweet. For dinner tonight she made us Curry and it was really good. She also likes helping out whenever she can. OH! And she brought me a Trunks (from Dragonball Z) action figure as a gift from Japan. Ah~! It makes me so happy.

So far things have been going smoothly and stuff...but I also think I'ma have even less time to get around to my site. I'll try to at least put Updates about my life...since I realize that I might not ACTUALLY have anything to update on BUT my life xD But for now, I do. Enjoy today's gifts to yall!

Page Updates:
~Wallpapers: There are TWO new wallpapers...however, they're basically the same except the shading and coloring. But explanations are provided, so go ahead and read about them. They're both from Candidate for Goddess which is also known as Pilot Candidate. So enjoy and I hope yall like them as much as I do.

August 1, 2008

Finally August...huh? Kinda sucks...means school is just around the corner...UGH! Golf tryouts are in like three summer reading is due the 11th...lordy lordy...I do have my hands full. Which is why, I probably won't be updating my site much after today. Stephenie Mayer's book comes out tonight at midnight and ya can betcha I'ma gettin' it. So if I'm not busy reading, playing golf, or doing summer homework then I might have time for the site...but we'll just have to see. In the meantime, updates.

Page Updates:
~Gundam SEED / Destiny Shrine - Images: The page is now complete with fanart and actual images.
~Gundam SEED / Destiny Shrine - Characters: It isn't much, only the main two dude are up...but it's better than nothing.

July 31, 2008

There isn't much to tell about today yet. It's only midnight...xD I do have golf clinic thing later today, so i might not get much done again...but I should be back by 2 so I SHOULD have time to work on the site...>.> We'll just have to see how it goes.

Ah..and I'm back! I haven't done much in the say of graphics or the way of fillin' pages I've left hangin'...>.> but I did do a little something here and I did SOMETHING!

Page Updates:
~Wallpapers: Two new wallpapers are up and running! Duel Duel Duel and Shining Above The Rest, both from the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX series.
~Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Shrine - Wallpapers: The two wallpapers have also been added to their proper shrine.
~Wallpapers: The chance to comment has been added to the end of each wallpaper. Instructions and information about the comment can be found just before the wallpapers under the new section Comments.
~One Piece Shrine - Wallpapers: Opportunity for comments has also been added to this Shrine's wallpapers.
~Gundam SEED / Destiny Shrine - Wallpapers: This page now links back to all of MC's wallpapers. Chance to comment available now too.
~Detective Conan Shrine - Wallpapers: Links back to MC's main wallpaper page as well as has a chance for comments.
~Prince of Tennis Shrine - Wallpapers: Commenting available.
~Prince of Tennis Shrine - Avatars: 14 new 50x50 avatars; 10 new 70x150 avatars
~YuGiOh! GX Shrine - Wallpapers: Comment possible on this page too.

July 30, 2008 tryouts are Monday...what joy x_x And after that I'll have practice like everyday and stuff...*sighs* I might fall even further behind on my site...Forgive me, my friends and fans! u_u But I did do some working on the site today. Even when it wouldn't let me work on my site, I worked on it using Notepad and crap. That way, when bravenet would work, I could just transfer it all over. Yay~!

Page Updates:
~Our Reviews: Why this still has "our" I dunno...I'll change it...eventually...Anyway! reviews from Prince of Tennis, One Piece, and YuGiOh! GX are up for reading. Remember, these reviews are MY opinion mostly.
~Prince of Tennis Shrine - Review: Up and ready for reading.
~Prince of Tennis Shrine - Avatars: I've added some new 70x150 avatars. Yay~!
~One Piece Shrine - Review: Transfered and ready for reading.
~One Piece Shrine - Avatars: Again, 70x150 avatars are up and ready for the savin'
~YuGiOh! GX Shrine - Review: The review is up, but because of the screw up in the code, it might be difficult to read in places.
~Detective Conan Shrine - General Info.: Finished and ready for reading, enjoy!
~YuGiOh! GX Shrine: The WHOLE shrine now has a new layout...*sigh* It works now, and doesn't have that stupid thing in the way, but I'm kind of sad to see the old layout go...I couldn't fix it u_u Oh well! New layout up and running and lookin' heck've a lot nicer too. ENJOY IT!
~YuGiOh! GX Shrine - Avatars: 70x150 avatars have been added.
~YuGiOh! GX Shrine - General Info.: Completed and ready for reading.

July 27, 2008

Well first, I'd like to apologize for not updating or doing anything this past week-ish. I had my best friend over and I was hanging out with her and stuff, watching movies and the works, ya know? I also had golf and parents on my butt about golf...ugh!

But I did work on graphics and stuff, so it wasn't like I didn't do NOTHING. ^-^ I rewatched the movie HairSpray too...and oh my gosh...I discovered I've got the hots for Zac Efron...ONLY when his hair is black and out of his face. o_o For some reason, he doesn't turn me on EXCEPT in the HairSpray god he's hot in that movie. I went lookin' for pictures, but he was only hot in the ones where he had black hair and it was outta his face. My gosh...I can't believe he hasn't realized that. Then again...everyone else might disagree with me...*shrug* but oh well.

Page Updates:
~Wallpapers: There are FOUR new wallpapers. Kaido's Gift, Kawamaru's Gift, Eiji's Gift, and Inui's Gift.
~Prince of Tennis Shrine - Wallpapers: The four new wallpapers have been added to their proper Shrine too.

July 22, 2008

I almost made it on the 21st...but, when I checked my watch, it was past midnight. So I had to change the date. However...I already said all this, yall just don't know it. Ya see...turns out, I had everything ready to go...the updates and stuff...when I try to save it says I'm not logged in x_x;; I must've been off my computer too long [a whole day]...So I couldn't get back the work I had been tryin' to it took me till like 7:30 tonight, to redo it all and "post" the new update. Anyway, here they are.

P.S. There might be another Shrine soon...can ya guess what series? *wink*

There seemed to have been a problem with Wallpapers page. All the wallpapers after Soi Fong were just...gone o_o How this happened...I think it happened when I tried to save, but wasn't logged in. *sigh* So I just spent the last hour or two fixing it. Talk about a PAIN! But no worries, it's fixed.

I've also discovered there's something wrong with the coding for YuGiOh! GX Shrine...which makes me SO mad -___- *sighs* but until I either find or make another layout...we're keeping it as is. So everyone, please bare with it.

Page Updates:
~Wallpapers: There are three new additions to the wallpapers collection. They are Momo's Gift, Fuji's Gift, and Tezuka's Gift. Page was repair and is rearin' to go.
~Our Shrines: I was just wondering...why is this page called "Our" Shrines? o_o I know I was supposed to join together with Amber for this site...but we changed our minds...Why didn't I change the name? >.> Hm..Oh well, too lazy to do it now. ANYWAY! There's two new shrines. Yes, I said TWO. YuGiOh! GX Shrine and Prince of Tennis Shrine. Go check 'em out.
~Prince of Tennis Shrine - Wallpapers: All wallpapers up till now have been added; Page Up and Running.
~Prince of Tennis Shrine - PNGs/Vectors: All PNGs and/or vectors have been added; Page Up.
~YuGiOh! GX Shrine - Wallpapers: All have been added.
~YuGiOh! GX Shrine - PNGs/Vectors: All have been added.
~Avatars: Two more selections have been added to the Series Selection for the two new shrines.
~Wallpapers: Two new Shrines' wallpaper sections have been added to Series Selection.
~Prince of Tennis Shrine - Avatars: All transfered and running.
~YuGiOh! GX Shrine - Avatars: Up and running with avatars.
~YuGiOh! GX Shrine - Banners: Running! Catch it! xD
~Prince of Tennis Shrine - Banners: Workin'.

July 20, 2008

Well I didn't get much done on the site...I got some new graphics up, though. But Not on the site... I probably won't get much done on the site tomorrow either because *sighs* I've got a golf tournament tomorrow. We don't even tee off until like 11...but NOOOOOO we have to be there at 8 AM! -_- Talk about down right annoying. But whatever. It's a team thing, so I can't blow it off. One long day of golf tomorrow and then I can come home and work on the site! *cheers*

Page Updates:
~Wallpapers: I've got a new wallpaper up for everyone. Gifts For You staring all the starters from the series, Prince of Tennis. Yay~! [Individual wallpapers will be put up later. Only 3 are complete.]
~Transparent PNGs: A new section, Prince of Tennis, has been added along with NINE new PNGs. None have any comments, because the comment woulda been the same. So I just spared myself the time and effort and just put them up for everyone to download if yall want.

July 19, 2008

I've been busy helping my parents clean up for this party they were gonna have yesterday, so I haven't had much time to really do anything online. THUS! I've been working a little on the site some, instead of just the graphics for once. ^-^ I'm even considering putting up a new Shrine...but we'll just have to see if I do or don't, ya know?

Page Updates:
~Transparent PNGs: Eight new transparent PNGs have been added along with the new section they all fall under, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.
~One Piece Shrine - Cast: The Japanese and English voice casts are BOTH up and running now. I'm planning to add some other languages later on, but for now, this is enough.
~Wallpapers: The wallpaper, Crazy Winter Snow, which has been sayin' "coming soon" for a while now, is FINALLY up and running.
~Gundam SEED /Destiny Shrine: Wallpapers: Crazy Winter Snow is now up and running on the Gundam SEED / Destiny Shrine as well.
~Banners: I've added some banners that I made for my Dad.
~One Piece Shrine - Staff: I've got the Japanese and English staff up and running...the other languages will come later with time.

July 17, 2008

Well I dunno why, why I started experimenting with words on my avatars. I've seen them on so many others, I thought I'd give them a shot. *shrug* Not sure if I like them more or less with or without words... Words can be such a hassle... ^-^;;

Page Updates
~Avatars: Black Cat section has been added to Avatars along with one new avatar. Nightwalker has received a new avatar. Code Geass gained 9 new additional avatars. Series Selection has been added for faster series-related-avatar searching.
~One Piece Shrine - Home: Page is up and running with a welcoming for everyone.
~One Piece Shrine - Banners: Page has new information and is up and running.
~One Piece Shrine - Summary[s]: General, Special, and Movie summaries for One Piece are up and running [except one, I think].
~One Piece Shrine - Images: Up and running with images too.

July 15, 2008

Technically I've been working on most of the stuff that I'll be updating about since yesterday. However, by time they were completed enough to mention, the next day had arrived. SOOO, I'm updating with today's date for stuff that was half done or started yesterday.

Page Updates:
~Wallpapers: There's a new wallpaper up and ready for everyone to enjoy called Double Team from One Piece, featuring Zoro [Zolo/Zorro] and Luffy. All sizes are available. / A Series Selection has been added to the wallpapers page to help those looking for specific wallpaper series.
~Our Shrines: A new shrine has been added, One Piece Shrine. I know that the Detective Conan [Case Closed] Shrine isn't near done yet, but I wanted to get this Shrine up because I made the layout.
~One Piece Shrine - Wallpapers: All One Piece wallpapers have been switched over and the page is now up and running.
~One Piece Shrine - Avatars: Page is Up and Running.
~One Piece Shrine - FAG: I don't know if they're really "frequently" asked questions, but there are questions asked of the author. The questions and answers were published in the One Piece mangas, so the information was borrowed from their. Good luck.

July 14, 2008

I've discovered that injured only postpone things for a few days...I've gotta go to a golf tournament on Wed. then my parents are having some kind of party on Thursday...*sigh* I kinda wish I could just...Ugh. I'm not much in the mood to do any sports. And I can almost swear it'll make my leg injury worse...I guess we'll find out, huh?

I've made graphics...>.> Ok, I went overboard a little. But I can't help it! Bravenet was down! I had nothing better to do...Besides, it's a good thing right? More graphics... ^^;

Page Updates:
~Avatars: Well...I added...*counts* 19 new avatars for Code Geass, yay! Let's all cheer! *cheers* Hurray! Heehee. And there's also 42 new One Piece avatars. 16 of them are only 50x50, but still. ENJOY!

July 13, 2008

Well I've added only a few things sofar, but it's still the early morning so I'ma work on it. I've been watching CodeGeass R2this mornin' and gosh I love it. I dunno if I can get enough of it. I do love Suzaku...Lelouch is totally hot, but Suzaku has my heart u.u...I won't deny it. But Ugh! I'm only on like episode 12...I can't wait for more...Download faster! heehee

Page Updates:
~Japan: More photos have been added and more to come. Yay!
~Home: I've added two new sections, Link Us and Contact Me. The Link Us has three minibanners [buttons] and three banners to choose from for the people who want to advertise Manga Connections, or to just link back. The Contact Me is so anyone with questions or concerns can get into contact with me. Hurray! xD

July 12, 2008

First, I'd like to say I'M BACK! Hope yall didn't miss me too much. And with me being back comes pictures of JAPAN! I hope everyone is ready for them. I'm working on getting them up and we'll see how it goes.

Secondly, my trip was amazing! I got a little injured, but nothing too bad...kinda. I just have to be careful when I walk. >.> But otherwise I'm fine and the trip was awesome regardless. I bought a lot of stuff, but still spent less than probably 3/4ths of the group. Some people were spending over 20,000 yen in Tokyo alone! [20,000 yen is ABOUT $200] I tried my hardest not to spend like crazy but to instead take pictures like crazy. Looking back, there was so much more I shoulda taken pictures of...Oh well. Maybe some of the other group members have them.

Lastly, no graphic updates YET. Just ya wait though, I'm workin' on it. [I don't consider my slight changing of the photos a graphics thing because they're still photos and still in the photos section.]

Page Updates:
~Photos: This page no longer actually has photos, but links to other pages that have photos only relating to that topic.
~Anime Wedding: It's a new page found through the Photos section. It contains photos from my friend's Anime Wedding.
~Japan: Because of the awesome trip, I now have photos to share with everyone. This page is a section found through Photos. Enjoy!

June 26, 2008

Sadly...this will be my last update for two weeks...and maybe a few days. Alas, I'm heading off to Japan and I'm not bringing my laptop with me. I'm going with a group called "People to People". Dun know about them? Look 'em up. I dun wanna explain it AGAIN! xD But a do have a treat for you before I go. New Prince of Tennis avatars. They were inspired by a vector I'm doing right now of Ryoma...damn hot vector, I might add. I had been hoping to get that up before I go...but I didn't get as much done last night as I'd hoped I would. *shrug* so the zipper is unfinished as well as a few lines that go on top...but otherwise it's finished. But I'ma be busy today with cleanin' my room and extra last minute packing that I honestly just dun think I'll have time to work on it anymore. My flight tomorrow is at five...but we have to be there at three time. Now for the last updates for a few weeks!

Page Updates:
~Avatars: I've added a new selection, Prince of Tennis, as well as FORTY-FIVE new avatars to go with it. Didja get that? 45! ^-^ So I do hope ya'll enjoy! Oh! And I've centered all the avatars as it a nicer look.

June 22, 2008 and Amber have decided that once again, this site shall be mine alone. She's going to make her own and we'll sister together, so look for ward to our new "sister site". Because this site is mine once again, I've changed the page and all the links to it. About Amber is no longer apart of our site. In its place is now Photos which will have real photos of (probably) anime conventions and stuff like that. Yesterday me and Amber went to our friends "Anime Wedding" and so we got some pretty nice photos and the whole thing on video. THUS! I thought I'd share it with everyone. So some of the photos of me and Amber I made look a little nicer, resized, and have put up for everyone's enjoyment. So, that page is a page to look forward to for future stuff. Later I might add some older con depends on how much I get done today.

Page Updates:
~Avatars: I've added some new avatars [size 50x50] for Detective Conan, Fruits Basket, Gundam SEED / Destiny, Princess Ai, and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX is a new section added and should be looked at. The 50 by 50 avatars added in Detective Conan and Gundam SEED / Destiny were already in their shrines...I just decided to add more than just 100 x 100 avatars to the Avatars page.
~Banners: I added a new banner for Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. It's a fan art of Juudai [Jaden] that I used for the banner...check it out.
~Photos: The new page...yes, it now has some photos with explanations and that good jazz. Take a looksie.

June 18, 2008

Well, I think I've discovered what our next Shrine will be. Gundam SEED / Destiny Shrine is complete will the exception of Characters and FAQ. They'll get done soon, but in the meantime, I'm eager to start the next Shrine. I'm positive it'll be a dedication to Detective Conan aka Case Closed. So, look forward to it.

Page Updates:
~Avatars: Again, we have new avatars! A total of Nineteen new avas for the collection. All of the new ones feature Detective Conan aka Case Closed. So ENJOY!
~Banners: I have recently made three new banners. All three have a reflection to Detective Conan aka Case Closed. So, go have a looksie.

June 15, 2008

Well today I didn't get a LOT done, but there are some updates to be had. Btw, to all the Fathers out there HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! That, the holiday, is the reason I wasn't able to get all that much done today. But no regrets! Instead, I do have a few little gifts for everyone.

Page Updates:
~Wallpapers: ALL of the different dismensions for the Sparkle, Soi Fong wallpaper is up and running! I'm really excited for everyone to be able to finally see it and get a chance to download it. ENJOY!
~Avatars: Wellllll...there are, finally, some new avatars! Because of the new Shrine, I was in the mood for some more avatars of Gundam SEED / Destiny. So, although it's only that series (for now), there are TWENTY-SEVEN new avatars. So, please, do check them out.
~Gundam SEED / Destiny Shrine: There are, like I said above, 27 new avatars added for this Shrine's series. They'll be found in the Avatars section of the Shrine. Also, the Staff page is up and runnin' as well as General Info..

June 14, 2008

After taking that stupid ACT test today, I've been workin' on the first Shrine. I'm not sure if everyone can guess it or not so I'll just spill. Gundam SEED / Destiny! I've been workin' like nonstop on this shrine and I like how it's goin'/comin' along. I've actually quite a few pages up. Enough that I'ma let others see if today! I'm rather proud of how it's turnin' out and how hard I've beena workin' on it. ^-^

Page Updates:
~Shrines: Our first shrine is now on the list and just waitin' for everyone to go check it out. I'm surprised how well it's comin' along. So far I've got the followin' pages up and runnin' to some extent: Episode List[s], Cast, Avatars, Banners, Wallpapers, and The Shrine Home. I know everyone is lookin' forward to the spoilers...I'll see what I can do tonight. It's already like 10PM my time! xD Anyway...ENJOY!

June 13, 2008

Today I've started off a little slow. I'm planning to add a shrine today. What series, I'm not sure yet. But I plan to start work on it today. Whether I put it up for everyone or not depends on how much I get done on it, so we'll see how it goes. Besides that, there isn't much work to be done anymore since I've gotten so much done recently. Thank Heavens for summer, huh? xD

Page Updates:
~Wallpapers: All link for Thunder God are now up and running. The others will probably be up in a day or two.

June 12, 2008

So I took a little break from the site yesterday and made WALLPAPERS! Let's all have a round of applause. *claps* Yes, thank you, thank you. Anyway! Other then that, I'm still workin' on the site. I think I'ma work on the manga page later today...we'll just have to see how it goes. You'll know if I did or didn't cuz it'll be below in the page updates. Other than that, for now, I've got nothing. Updates~!

Page Updates
~Wallpapers: There are three new wallpapers showing. However, only one, Arlong's Gang, is actually up and running for downloading. The other'll just have to be happy with the small sample given for now. They'll be up soon. They're DONE, they just needa be put up on that other site and then mine. So, look forward to those!
~Manga: I've finally added those sites I said I would. They also have banners (made by me) to kind of give them each their own look. All those banners were made from their own banners and just adjusted in size. Also, A, G, H, I, J, K, L, N, P, R, S, T, U, W, X, Y, and Z have all been removed from the long list. (Only A had anything under it anyway).
~Wallpapers: Again, I've added a 'preview' of the next wallpaper. It, too, is done. I just need to get it and all its different versions up and running. So till then, please be patient.

June 11, 2008

Technically some of these updates should still be under the 10th...However, they were done so late at night and so close to today that I just thought I'd throw them in with today's. *shrug* Doesn't really matter, as long as they're put up, right?

Page Updates:
~Rules: Finally! This page has been updated to the new layout. Otherwise, no changes.
~About Brandi: This is the old About Me page. But since Amber decided to join with me on this site, some things need to be seperated. Anyway! It's enjoyin' the new layout change and some stuff has been updated (such as my age!) and it there for anyone who wishes to know more.
~Our Reviews: Surprise, surprise, the page has the new layout now. BUT! What you didn't think would happen, did. There are now two reviews up and running! Full Moon wo Sagashite and Gundam SEED now have reviews. The only spoilers are in the comparisons. The conclusions are free of spoilers and filled with advise on which is better or which to start with or avoid. So enjoy the new reviews and layout!
~Avatars: Nothing new besides the fact that it's enjoying the new layout as well. Next page, coming up!
~Transparent PNGs: New layout.
~Anime[Anime Downloads]: Layout change and new name.

June 10, 2008

Well...I've been slowly but surely getting the site's layout changed over to the new one. The new one features Vampire Knight and its three main characters, Yuki, Zero, and KANAME. If ya don't know, I'm a BIG fan of the Kaname-Yuki pairing. For me...Zero is just too emo. Hot, but emo. xD ANYWAYS~ Because the layout is the manga version, we thought we'd make the transition from Full Moon to Vampire Knight. As long as it stays Manga, it stays true to our name. We didn't make the layout...I wish we had...but we didn't. So until I learn, we're borrowing someone elses. Hope everyone likes it!

Page Updates:
~Updates: We've fully converted Updates over to the new layout. Hope ya'll like it!
~Wallpapers: This page has also been converted to the new layout.
~Signatures[Banners]: From now on, the Signatures page will be referred to as the "banners" page. It has also been transformed to the new layout. Also, a title, character, series, purpose, and requested by has been added after each banner, new or old, to the page. The information pertaining to each banner has already been filled out. Enjoy!
~Homepage[Home]: Homepage is now called Home and has been updated to the new layout.
~Our Shrines: A new page has been added! This page and its links are dedicated to mangas and animes we want to put information about on. Not to mention, the links tke you to pages with OUR shrines. The layout on those pages will be different depending on the anime/manga it is shrining, but it is still part of our site. None are up as of this moment, but they'll be there soon. ENJOY and LOOK FORWARD to!
~Manga Collection: My Manga Collection had been updated.
~Manga: The Manga page is the same as the "ALL" page for the Manga connections. All the other pages of the alphabet will probably be used for something else now...To completely understand, read the New and important on the page. Sorry, thanks, and look forward to!

June 9, 2008

Ok, so, bravehost as been screwing up with me today. Whenever I go to another tab and come back, it REFRESHES the page. Ya know what that means? It ERASES EVERYTHING I HAD! So...because this is my THIRD time trying to update today, I'ma be as short and sweet as I can be and hopefully remember to save BEFORE I glance at another page for something! *wants to scream like a wild beast*

So! I have no excuse for not being on or updating recently besides a few things for school such as finals and grades dropping. But Mostly I've just been lazy. So here are the updates for today.

Page Updates:
~Signatures: I've split the main heading, Signatures?, into three. One being the same the other two being New and Old. The reason is explained on the page under Signatures?. New Banners have also been added under the New Section so ENJOY!
~Updates: New layout is slowly spreading to the other pages, but this is an example and testing of the new layout. So this page might be funny, messed up, or lost. luck to us, and please bare with us for the NEW LAYOUT COMING SOON!

March 9,2008

Well...there have been some...interesting developments lately it seems. Some of ya may be surprised to see NEW sizes in the wallpapers and I'll gladly explain. The hosting site I put my wallpapers up for (theOtaku) took my submitted 1600x1200 and reduced it in size, resulting in the new size 1152x865 and I think it did something similar to result in 1280x960 so there are new sizes for the wallpapers I submitted with 1600x1200, which would be almost all of the Yu-Gi-Oh GX and two of the newer wallpapers from yesterday. PHEW! I hope yall enjoy them!

Page Updates:
~Wallpapers: Slifer Red Juudai (Jaden) is now also available in 1152x864 and 1280x960; Slifer Shou (Syrus) is now available in all sizes including 1152x864 and 1280x960; Blue Obelisk Asuka (Alexis) is now available in all sizes including 1152x864 and 1280x960; Blue Obelisk Jun (Chazz) is now available in all sizes including 1152x864 and 1280x960; Blue Obelisk Ryo (Zane) is now available in all sizes including 1152x864 and 1280x960; Ra Yellow Daichi (Bastion) is now available in all sizes including 1152x864 and 1280x960; Chronos De Mediz (Dr. Vellian Crowler) is now available in all sizes including 1152x864 and 1280x960; Summer Friendship is now available in all sizes including 1152x864 and 1280x960; Rushing Snow is now available in all sizes including 1152x864 and 1280x960. New Wallpaper: Twisted Battle (only 1600x1200 available for now) ENJOY THEM ALL!

March 8, 2008

Well, besides being WAY disappointed, I'm doing ok. The Okatu told me the file size for my wallpapers (the Yu-Gi-Oh! GX series) were too large, so I went and sized them down...of course that cost me because the stupid run-rays became all pixel blurry so I'm totally upset cuz I didn't save any of those wallpapers in PNG or in their old sizes but instead saved over them. GAH! So I HIGHLY suggest getting all those wallpapers in 1600x1200 because those are the only ones that aren't corrupted and still look beautiful *sigh* Now that I know better, I'ma work around it al my future wallies will be better. Sorry...

But on the flip side, I've got three new wallies up today and they're HOT! So I hope ya like 'em. If I keep makin' wallpapers ar this rate, I'll have to make individual pages for the different series...I can't wait! Heehee! ^-^

Page Updates:
~Wallpapers: Slifer Red Fatty is now available in all sizes; Slifer Red Juudai (Jaden) is now available in all sizes; Slifer Red Shou (Syrus) is now available in all sizes BUT 800x600; THREE new wallpapers have been added: Dreamy Sky (all sizes available), Summer Friendship (all sizes but 800x600 available), Rushing Snow (all sizes but 800x600 available). So Enjoy and check 'em out!

March 7, 2008

Well! I finally got some more wallpapers up...actually a lot more, heehee. I think I added eight more wallpapers. They're all from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX though. They're basically like a collection of the different characters, each getting their own wallpaper. The background colors also match the group they belong to like Slifer Red, Ra Yellow, and Blue Obelisk. So I hope you all like them, I think they're pretty neat and I tried to make 'em look least on all but Fatty and the Doctor, lol. But can ya blame me?

The Transparent PNGs page has been messed with a little. Originally the pictures to link to the downloads were WAY too big and even messed up the layout. I've fixed that little problem as well as added a comment to them. Check 'em out.

Page Updates:
~Wallpapers: Eight new wallpapers have been added, all belong to Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. At the moment, only 1600x1200 is available for downloading and the small sample pictures aren't up yet, so please be patient for those. Enjoy for now!
~Transparent PNGs: I've readjusted the size for the PNGs there and added comments and stories of how they came to be and links to originals as well. ENJOY!

March 5, 2008

It's amazing...I just realized how long it's been since I worked on my website. o.o I hope yall didn't miss me too much, lol. Well the good news is I've got lots more spare time so I just might start workin' on those manga pages again. But we'll have to see. Today I thought I'd give an update and let everyone know that all my wallpapers are up and working now. (They weren't before because the hosting site did an upgrade and changed like all the links to them, shesh, ya know?) But no worries! I went and fixed 'em all for yall. Not to mention I added a new one to my collection and am planning on another soon...I mean..there just aren't any GOOD Yu-Gi-Oh wallpapers out I've gotta make one myself, lol. But that's for another time.

Page Updates:
~Wallpapers: New wallpaper has been added: Sukai ; features Conan from Detective Conan aka Case Closed. There are five different wallpaper sizes to check out from. Enjoy! ^-^