These are OLD updates from 2012, please keep this time mind.

February 14, 2012

I know I haven't updated my site in awhile (haha since last year), but I haven't been completely devoid of activity. Actually I've got a bit of updating I needa do... but for now we'll just stick to being quick. I've got three tests coming up starting tomorrow and I'm already a bit behind on my studying... thus I'm going to make this quick and short, sorry. If you really want to keep up with me and my works, I highly suggest you make a Minitokyo account and adding me to your watch list or friend me (both do-able here). Otherwise, my website it actually one of the last to get updated until I've had a few works and I need to add a lot... Which I needa do now, but I don't have the time so I only got the wallpapers up. Sorry >__<;;

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