These are OLD updates from 2013, please keep this time mind.

September 17, 2013

I'm getting kinda tired of saying "it's been awhile" buuut it really has been awhile. >.>;; Anyway, I've finally updated (or technically added a page) that I'd been meaning to add. It one of the games I played awhile back called Tokimeki Memorial. I've also made a complete walkthrough guide for another game that I'll be adding shortly (once it's been accepted on gamesfaq).

I haven't been working on any new graphics lately, but I'm considering doing a wallpaper for one of the guys from Sweet Fuse, just not sure yet if I'll bother. In my personal life I'm busy with school. On a side note, be sure to check out games by voltage on the iphone, ipod, and android that are english visual novel games. HELP SUPPORT THE VISUAL NOVELS! Lol.

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April 8, 2013

So wow... I know this looks bad and all (considering my last update was back in Feb. of 2012) BUT! It's not like anyone really follows my site closely XD My site isn't meant to for that nor would I expect that out of my few fans. I have have a few graphics I need to add to this site (it's so much more work to put them on here than to just upload them to other sites like MT and AP haha) but that'll be done later when I'm REALLY REALLY in the mood to update my site. It does hit me from time to time, but other things just seem to get in the way.

Anyway, updating now to tell that I've adjusted the navigation a little bit but haven't really added anything yet. Once my laptop finished configuring the service pack and lets me look for the file I want, I'll probably add the date responses portion now located under Game Data > Tokimeki Memorial > Date Responses. This is basically a lot of information about dates, places, and what to respond. For the most part, I don't visit the places they DON'T like much, so I can't say the data is complete... but it's enough to be a real big help and lifesaver for those that want to know exactly the right answers. Later I'll add the data I've complied about Persona 3 Portable (basically just a list for fusions, but specific with a lot of alternate ways). Lastly, I'm currently playing Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns and I'll probably add the complied data I've been making for that game. Most of it comes from but I've put it in spreadsheets so it's easier to manipulate.

But for now, that's about all I've done is change a few things... I do plan to remodel my whole site (the look at least) because I've realized that most people have bigger monitors and I don't need to keep my site's look small anymore. Expect an upgrade sometime this year.

Those that follow me, that you for being my fan and thanks for those people who just look at my site. Lol

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